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[a queer werewolf play]


White Coon County, Virginia is about as terrible as it sounds: there’s a (Super) WALMART, a swamp, a dozen churches, so many guns, and acres and acres of farmland. Nothing much ever happens here, until the livestock starts getting slaughtered. Slaughtered by something big: big and mean.

The Mayor’s never dealt with a crisis like this and he’s offering WALMART gift cards for answers; the Detective is getting investigative tips by watching Law and Order SVU marathons; the Principal is snorting lots of coke; and to make matters worse: Billy Wilkerson (an outstanding student of White Coon County High School) has gone missing.

Junyce is new and the prime suspect because she punched Billy in the face on her first day. Or maybe Kyle, the ex-girlfriend, is involved? Or is it Huck, Kyle’s new jock-boyfriend? Or could it be Beecher, Billy’s shy study partner? Junyce, Kyle, Huck, and Beecher aren’t concerned with Billy. They’ve got bigger fish to fry (or in this case: bigger wolves to hunt?). The teens keep secretly sneaking off to the woods. What are they doing in the woods? And what is slaughtering the cows? And where the hell is Billy?

WOLFCRUSH is a queer full moon fever dream about cannibalism, werewolves, small-towns, big secrets, first times, sloppy seconds, Mariska Hargitay, and all the lies we tell ourselves to sleep at night.



3F, 2M; Full-length; Comedy, Horror, think Riverdale (but gay)

Junyce:  Alpha; badass; new to-town; queer woman of color

Kyle:  Vice-President of Student Government; Nervous; woman of any race

Huck:  Quarterback of the football team; hot-shot; cocky; man of any race

Beecher:  Takes German; shy; awkward; gangling; queer man of color

The Mayor, Principal Roman; The Detective

clueless straight white dudes; woman of any race


the why.

I graduated high school ten years ago and all of my first sexual experiences were clumsy, secret, coded escapades that happened deep in the woods in-between watching SAW marathons and blasting Lady Gaga's first album.  Giving a blow-job during Saw IV while simultaneously lip synching "Poker Face"isn't ideal:  it's weird and sloppy,

but also:  kinda hot.


WOLFCRUSH is my play about all those strange, secret, sleepness teenaged-nights as a closeted gay Puerto Rican in the swampy backwoods of Disputanta, Virginia promising myself that if I didn't kiss him back:  it wasn't gay.  We all have a queer werewolf someplace inside us.  Maybe a full-moon ignites your transformation or maybe it's a shirtless pic of Idris Elba.  Whatever it is, don't tame your beast:  werewolves can't be domesticated.    ​



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"...Walker stitches together samples from multiple genres into his rollicking, highly discursive quilt of a play. Echoes of teen slasher flicks, thick-as-gravy Southern Gothic pulp novels, and softcore porn vie for pride of place, but WOLFCRUSH reassures its audience and itself that there’s plenty of crazy to go around...I defy anyone to find a more fringe-worthy venture."

-Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review


"Finally! Something totally out there, unafraid and impolite, and totally hilarious!!! Great, witty, and unapologetic writing; masterful direction, and amazingly versatile, funny and brave actors. Congratulations!!!"

-Blanka Zizka, Artistic Director; Wilma Theatre

"It's live action, gay, Riverdale."

-Brandi Burgess, Philadelphia Legend & Queen

"If you know people who think they hate theatre, make them see this show."

-Christine Freije, Director & Dramaturge

"You're gonna want to bring

a change of underwear."

-Val Dunn, Playwright & Lesbian Witch

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