Haygen-brice &

i write plays.


I write plays that are small and scrappy or big and messy.

I take society's skeletons out of the closet, throw some skin on them, treat them to happy hour at Chili's (bottomless chips and salsa-ranch for $2), and end the night with a tour of the neighborhood bathhouse.

Queer, millennial, deep-fried, dumpster-fires fueled by camp, horror, pop-culture, and poetry.

A kaleidoscopic clash of caffeine, history, pornography, violence, pop-culture, myth, and magic.


Characters trapped in a confused landscape muddled with the taste of the American South; the feel of Appalachia; the blinding desert heat of the Wild West; and the lyricism of Latin America

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[a queer werewolf play]

birdie's pit stop

[and the tribe of queers that fucked everything up]




the shed, the fire, & what we found in the ashes